Ada Frances Hudson – Born at home, delivered by ME!!!

Ada Frances Hudson – Born at home, delivered by ME!!!

Ok so the first pic below is a slightly blurry phone pic, that’s the first pic of Ada in this world, you will probably forgive me for not having my DSLR at the ready when you hear about her birth!

As you’ll have gathered from the title of this blog post Ada was born in an almighty hurry, and yes, delivered by ME!!!  When my wife Gaia told me we’d not make it to the hospital and the baby was coming I thought she was maybe just having a bad contraction and we’d leave at any moment, but nope, she was right… the baby was coming and FAST!  Twenty six minutes later and with the ambulance still 5 minutes away I delivered my beautiful baby daughter myself with only a midwife on the phone to talk me through it!

A quite stressful but amazing experience!!!  I have so much respect for Gaia giving birth without even any gas and air, and also for letting me take all the glory as everyone patted me on the back about delivering my own child, forgetting she did all the hard work… I just basically caught her on the way out haha!

So anyway here’s my amazing little bundle of joy, a week overdue and then born like she was suddenly in a huge rush.  I love this little one so much already and can’t wait to see what else she puts me through in the coming years!

Ada Frances Hudson – born 21/02/18, 6ld 4oz, born at home.

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