Chopwell Woods Family Photography | The Elwell Family

Chopwell Woods Family Photography – The Elwell Family

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When The Elwell Family asked me to shoot some Chopwell Woods family photography for them I was more than happy to oblige!  It also only seemed right to then blog the shoot as Gareth (Daddy Elwell) was the man who actually built my website!

Don’t forget to go check out Gareth’s company Diverge Digital if you want a super swanky website like mine, he does great work!

Despite having known Gareth for a while I’d never met his lovely wife (Natalie) and children (Sophie 4 & Oliver 1)… oh and their very photogenic pooch Oscar!  So to go for a walk with them and have fun with the children was a fantastic way to finally get to know them… and of course a great excuse to take some awesome photos in my signature relaxed, unposed and natural style.

Photographing children’s unique personalities is such an amazing thing to be able to do, I learned Sophie is quite the explorer and enjoys finding leaves and pine cones in the woods, and Oliver whilst not quite as stable on his feet is super determined to keep up and also SO AWESOMELY SMILEY!!!

“Wow! It feels like you’ve really captured what we’re like as a family and the photos are so beautiful – we’ll cherish them forever!”

These are the moments that make family photography so enjoyable for me, to capture how they are RIGHT NOW is so important and that can’t be done in a quick 30 minute session of people just posing awkwardly looking at the camera… children change so quickly that these fleeting moments can easily be forgotten, so being able to give the Elwell Family a record of this time in their children’s development is something I’m so happy to have been able to do.

It was amazing to finally meet Sophie & Oliver and I hope I get to photograph them again soon and capture the next exciting phase in their lives!

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      Chopwell Woods Family Photography - enjoying a walk through the woods in Autumn                                  Finding pine cones during Chopwell Woods Family Photography      Sitting by the train carriage for Chopwell Woods Family Photography      Chopwell Woods Family Photography with lots of autumn leaves fun
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