The grand opening of a new Toby Carvery in Shiremoor

TobyCarvery005I’ve had a real mix of different types of bookings recently and it was great to get something like this land on my doorstep or rather land in my inbox.  I love commercial photography as it’s always so varied and even this one job combined architectural photography, portrait photography and food photography… now I know most people will be wondering if I had a carvery whilst there, and I have to admit that when Sam the manager invited me to stay for lunch the sight of all that food made me VERY hungry, and so once the shoot was finished I grabbed a plate and got stuck in!  Hey it would have been rude to refuse wouldn’t it?! Although I probably over indulged a little and felt like I needed to lie down afterwards… that’ll teach me to accept free food 😀

To view the photos from the grand opening just click the link below:

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