Jesmond Dene Family Photography | The Gingles Family

Jesmond Dene Family Photography | The Gingles Family

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Before I talk about this Jesmond Dene Family Photography shoot I want to tell you a true story – Elsie was born 6 hours after my own son Leon, in the same hospital… Elsie’s parents actually heard my son’s first cries.  Amazing stuff!!!

So when they invited me over to their home to see Elsie again, and meet her little brother Xander for the first time I was super excited!!!

As you’ll know my style is all about natural moments, and photographing a family as they really are, at that specific moment in time… so when mum Kate sent me a message after receiving their images saying the following I was thrilled:

“Oh my god we LOVE them!!! We feel like you have totally summed up our life!!!”

The shoot involved lots of fun play time at home, and as it was somewhere they love to go as a family, we decided to add some variety by doing some Jesmond Dene family photography too.

This involved lots of mud, sliding down hills on bums, and jumping in the stream – all things I’m totally a fan of!  My style and approach is very much about letting children express themselves and having fun, as I know this always brings out their personalities in photos.

This was one of my favourite family shoots ever!  Elsie and Xander had me in stitches the entire time, and are absolutely amazing little people – I hope I get to photograph them again soon!

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