Jewson & Places for People PR shoot

jewsonpr010 My life as a photographer is split between shooting wonderful weddings and working alongside some great businesses, which makes for a very interesting and diverse range of subjects to shoot.  It keeps me on my toes and keeps my work fresh and challenging.  The latest commercial job seemed to mix a lot of the skills I use in both fields of photography with the reportage style I use at weddings being used to great affect to capture an important meeting between Jewson & Places for people, and then I switched to commercial photographer mode to capture some stock style images and then finally popped on my PR hat for some handshake and group shots.

So whilst my life as a photographer can be quite diverse at times it just goes to show that sometimes I am require to merge lots of different styles and skill sets together in just one job!  It’s great fun when bookings like this come along.

You can see the full set of images from the shoot by clicking on the following link –

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