Lake Como & Milan | Travel photography | Personal work

Lake Como & Milan | Travel photography | Personal work

I was so happy to be asked to photograph a wedding in Lake Como recently and so as I didn’t have any weddings for a couple of weeks after I took the family with me and we made a holiday of it.  To be able to spend some quality time with Gaia and Leon during wedding season was amazing, it’s so rare to be able to do so and making the most of the opportunity to be away together, explore a new place we’ve never been to before and just take time to be a family was awesome.

We love travelling, Gaia and I have tried to see as many places around the globe as possible over the years (usually places I wanted to go and take photos haha), Leon is also a little jet setter with frequent trips to Holland to visit Gaia’s family and he loves being somewhere new and he seems to develop and grow every time we go away, all the new sights, sounds and experiences being a brilliant thing for his development.  He’s growing up so quickly and I’d swear he’d aged a year in the 2 weeks we were away with his personality blossoming and his speech coming on brilliantly.  He was even saying ‘Caio’ and ‘Grazie’ to the locals!

I hope you enjoy these photos from our time in Lake Como and Milan and if they whetted your appetite for all things Italy please click HERE to see Lauren & Kevin’s beautiful Lake Como wedding.

Photo locations:

Lierna (this was our base and it’s a perfect non touristy place for a family stay)

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