Lucy & Iain’s pre-wedding shoot at Bolam Lake

Lucy & Iain’s pre-wedding shoot at Bolam Lake.

I think, no in fact I KNOW that I have never laughed so much on a shoot in my entire life… Lucy and Iain absolutely cracked me up (and each other)!!!  They are such a lovely, warm and funny couple… if I had this much fun on the pre-wedding shoot I really can’t wait for the wedding!!!

We met up and Bolam Lake and did what I love to do on pre-wedding shoots, we went for a walk, laughed a whole lot and took some awesome photos!  What really stood out to me was not only did we get lots of really natural photos of them laughing and being great fun, but they also totally rocked the more intimate and romantic shots too.  Even though the weather was really gloomy we we treated to an epic sunset just before we left too… how cool!

They are getting married at Woodhill Hall which just so happens to be one of my favourite venues too, so I think all in all it would be impossible for Lucy and Iain to be higher up my list of ‘people who I think are just totally amazing!’ (maybe that list needs a catchier name).

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