Nickleback world tour @ Metro Radio Arena

Shooting Nickleback – All in a day’s work.

Picture the scene, a 21 year old fresh out of uni, head full of dreams and the Nu Metal scene in full swing… Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park are hugely popular and Canadian pop pretenders to the Nu Metal crown Nickleback burst on to the scene with the fist clenching sing along anthem ‘this is how you remind me’, then picture that 21 year old (me) with fist clenched, singing along to that song, with bad hair… it was a time of finding oneself, of looking for a place in the world, and much like Nickleback in the 15 years since, I’ve changed, matured and VERY much like Nickleback have slightly better hair then back then.

Although my music tastes have changed and developed and settled on a more Indie Rock route, and dare I say it but now I’m in my mid 30’s Podcasts (who’s with me?), those times in my early 20’s listening to Chad and the crew are fond memories.  So when Canadian Music mag Aesthetic magazine got in touch and asked me to photograph the last show of their world wide tour I couldn’t wait (images of support act Monster Truck also included below) …

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