Priti & Kalpesh – Indian wedding photography in Manchester

Indian wedding photography in Manchester

So how does someone based in Newcastle get asked to shoot Indian Wedding Photography in Manchester?  Well it helps that I’ve know Priti for several years online, we both shared an interest in photography and stayed in touch, when she met Kalpesh, fell in love and got engaged, she thought of me.

Anyone who’s shot Indian wedding photography in Manchester, London, or anywhere in the world will know the things that stand out are the colours and the traditions.  The colours are just amazing, a sea of greens, blues, turquoise and reds, everywhere you look the wedding is awash with vibrancy, which really goes hand in hand with the vibrant atmosphere of the day.  The traditions are religiously significant, binding and not just about two people coming together but two families joining and becoming one.  It’s a really amazing day, fast paced, hundreds or people yet still intimate, love, celebrations and joy… The day whizzed by, I barely had time to draw breath but boy oh boy was it fun!

Priti and Kalpesh are awesome people, they placed a huge significance on the photography and so we had a little bit of fun with some cool photographic techniques like freelensing and using smoke grenades whilst shooting some gorgeous portraits.  I love experimenting and so when you meet a like minded person real magic happens.  Speaking of magic, when these guys hit the dance floor with their friends and family it was a sight to behold… I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a dance floor fill up so quickly and see so many people both old and young dance like their lives depended on it.

Many thanks to Priti and Kalpesh for asking me to shoot their wedding, it was an absolute blast!!!  Also huge thanks to Gareth Morton ( for assisting me on the day as Priti has expressed an interest in having someone shoot images on film cameras, something he is starting to do at weddings and so he came along and helped out.  He’ll be blogging his film shots soon and I’ll update with a link once he has.

If like Priti and Kalpesh you are looking for natural and relaxed Indian wedding photography in Manchester (or anywhere for that matter) please get in touch for a chat.

Suppliers – The Cake Boutique ( // DJ – Apna Beat ( // Hair & Makeup – Caprice Jones Robinson (

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