Emily & Simon’s wedding – London wedding photography

Emily & Simon’s wedding – London wedding photography

Emily and Simon asked me to shoot their London wedding photography after we met at a mutual friend’s big day where we were guests.  During the meal I got chatting to them and it turned out they were also getting married soon and were having a super cool and very informal wedding in London.  They were keeping it so low key and relaxed they didn’t plan on having a professional photographer which seemed a shame, however we hit it off and a couple of weeks later they invited me down to capture the day in all it’s glory.  I was extremely excited and really pleased they’d decided to hire me for what was definitely going to be a pretty awesome day.

When you think of London wedding photography you think of maybe portraits down by the Thames River, the London Eye or the Houses of Parliament as a backdrop, but not with Emily and Simon… as they had asked guests to shoot the day originally they really just wanted someone to mingle, be discreet and capture the day through the eyes of a guest, so that meant no bridal preperation photos and definitely no portraits (they are so nontraditional they even met in the pub before the ceremony!).  It was an interesting and challenging proposition but one I knew would be fun, so I did just that, I blended in and shot the day in the most natural and organic way possible… it was brilliant!

Emily and Simon had their ceremony at Clissold House before a bus took us to somewhere near our destination of Hix City… a short walk (and some cool photo opportunities later) lead to the drinks reception and everyone had a blast, chatting, eating, laughing and celebrating in VERY cool surroundings!  The speeches were an absolute riot and the dancing later was something to behold.  I love Emily and Simon, they are just soooo unbelievably chilled out and friendly, their wedding really matched their personalities and was crazily cool but at the same time understated and with many laughs along the way.  I wish them all the happiness in the world and would like to thank them for inviting me to what was an extremely personal and wonderful wedding.

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