Donna & Marc’s wedding – Wedding photography in Newcastle

Wedding photography in Newcastle.

Donna and Marc asked me to shoot their wedding photography at a wonderful church just outside Newcastle called St Mary’s before heading to The Grand Hotel in Tynemouth (where I am proud to be one of their recommended suppliers).  The day kicked off at Donna’s parent’s house where it was really chilled out, her dad playing the perfect host rushing about after everyone and collecting bacon sarnies for those not too nervous to eat (he also very kindly offered me one too but I was still full from breakfast sadly).  Donna was in great spirits, the nerves kicked in a little just before we headed to the church but she was smiling regardless when she arrived.  Marc waited for her to walk down the aisle and after some nervous laughter the Vicar proceeded with a slightly unorthodox Elton John themed ceremony (much to everyone’s amusement – Donna and Marc had mentioned in passing to her that they both were fans).  This was the first time I’ve shot wedding photography in Newcastle, or anywhere for that matter where Elton John has played such a large role, but it worked quite well I have to say.

We arrived at The Grand with the rain coming down heavily but thankfully it cleared up quickly and enabled us to get down to the beach for some photos… it really is an amazing setting for a wedding, you’re just literally over the road from Longsands beach.  Donna and Marc are awesome in front of the camera and we got some fantastic shots in no time at all.

We had some great speeches later, very touching at times, Donna’s dad not only has a real clear affection for his daughter but also for Marc too, it felt like a real coming together of two families.  Then the party started, and oh boy did it start… great fun!!!

Donna and Marc, two wonderfully kind people, so easy to be around, friendly, welcoming and a great deal of fun.  Thank you for inviting me to be part of such a special and fun filled day.

If like Donna and Marc you are looking for wedding photography in Newcastle please get in touch to discuss your plans for the big day.

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