Kat & Andrew | Weddings at Healey Barn

Kat & Andrew | Weddings at Healey Barn

I’ve shot a fair few weddings at Healey Barn now and I’ve got to hand it to Kat and Andrew… this was definitely one of the best!!!  You see these guys are just great fun, there’s no other way to describe them, just 100% brilliant fun!  I’m a firm believer that no two weddings are the same, and I think Kat and Andrew proved this, as despite there being plenty of weddings at Healey Barn in 2018 THEIRS was completely unique to them.  It was hilarious, moving, definitely romantic, but really overall it was one BIG party with all their nearest and dearest.  It was just THEM if you know what I mean?

This was never more evident than during the party, which really was something special… and when Kat told me they had a brass band for the evening, well let’s just say I wasn’t holding much hope for the riot that actually ensued!!!  What I didn’t realise is they’d booked THE MOST AWESOME brass band in the whole world who dropped numbers from the likes of Michael Jackson in an upbeat and brilliant fashion… the place was absolutely jumping and it was the type of party a photographer dreams of shooting!

Anyway I could ramble on about this wedding for days, but instead I’ll let the photos do the talking, after all that’s what you’re here for right?  Not to listen to me wittering on, so buckle up for Kat and Andrew’s epic day….

If you think weddings at Healey Barn look amazing, you’d be right… they are, so book it quickly for your own big day!!!  Oh and did you know you know I’m a recommended photographer there?

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