Lynsey & John’s wedding | Woodhill Hall wedding photographer

Woodhill Hall wedding photographer | Lynsey & John.

As a very experienced wedding photographer I can honestly say Woodhill Hall is right up there with the best venues in the North East, and quite possibly the UK.  It really is beautiful and the surrounding countryside makes this an incredibly pretty and private venue for a wonderful wedding, and that’s just what Lynsey & John had back in September.  They met on a ranch in Australia (John is an Aussie) whilst Lynsey was back packing (she’s from Northumberland originally) and I’m not sure how they did it but they brought the Aussie climate with them for what was one of the sunniest and hottest days of the year.  It made for a real outdoor party vibe and everyone fully embraced the weather drinking and celebrating with the rolling Northumberland hills bathed in sunshine making an incredible backdrop.

I have shot at Woodhill Hall before, as a wedding photographer I often shoot at the same venue more than once, what really struck me though was how unique and personal Lynsey & John’s seemed to be, it just ‘fit’ them perfectly.  Lynsey works in the hospitality industry so she knows how to throw a hell of a party and she (and John) got it perfect, every detail just worked so well and it couldn’t have been planned any better.  Special praise goes to Lynsey’s parents though who helped her choose a venue due to her and John living in Oz, she trusted them to find THE venue and they most definitely got it right, kudos to them for their impeccable taste!

Amazing weather, an even more amazing couple, the perfect venue and awesome guests. Ladies and gentlemen I give you Lynsey & John’s epic wedding…

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