A time capsule of memories.

It’s a clichéd saying, but time really does fly… especially when you’re a parent!

As a parent myself (Leon is five and Ada two), I fully understand the importance of creating memories and being able to look back on them with great fondness and emotion in the future.

Your children change constantly, they act and look differently on such a regular basis that it’s hard to keep up, and even harder to remember how they were six months, a year, five years ago.

My style of photography captures not just your children at this moment in time, but your family as it is right now – creating something you can look back on and treasure forever.

No studio, no awkward poses. Just you.

As a photographer with nearly a decade of experience I’ve developed a style that focuses on REAL moments, those little snap shots of life as they really happened.

I understand that no two families are the same, and that really helps me focus on bringing out your own unique personalities in a photoshoot. I want to capture your real connection as a family, so the rule book goes out of the window, and we create something that is 100% ‘you’.

So there’s no studio, no awkward poses, just you and your amazing family doing what you love to do.

Let’s do something fun!

I’m happy to work either in your home, or in the great outdoors, let’s just do something you as a family will enjoy… it can even just be in your garden if that’s where you feel most at home.

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