Amy & Adam – Brinkburn Priory wedding

Amy & Adam’s Brinkburn Priory wedding

What can I say about Amy and Adam’s Brinkburn Priory wedding, words just don’t do it justice… THE best people, an amazing venue, LOADS of DIY touches to make it super personal – it really doesn’t get any better then this!


What was your favourite part of the wedding?

The whole day was even better than we could have ever hoped. Lots of highlights – far too many to pick one!


Please let me know about any personal or DIY touches you added to make the day a little more ‘you’.

  • We had family and friends form a ‘cello quartet that played an arrangement by Adam of Here comes the sun to accompany Amy down the aisle
  • We knew that we wanted a confetti-type moment, but English Heritage said that we couldn’t have that on site. So instead we made every guest a ribbon stick that they then waved in an arch as we walked out. It was a really colourful and joyful moment!
  • We aren’t fans of photo booths, so we built a wooden photo backdrop. We set up our own tripod camera, put on a 10 second timer, and the photos we have as a result are amazing, particularly some as the evening wore on!
  • Our favours were small, handmade and hand-painted bowls brought back from a holiday to Central Asia, filled with some luxury Belgian chocolates;
  • Amy’s mum and Adam’s gran made and decorated our wedding cake, and we added some different cakes (also made by Adam’s gran) for those who aren’t fruit cake fans!
  • And lots of other DIY touches (too many to list)


Why did you choose your venue?

We always knew we wanted to get married in the North East, having met at Newcastle University and with family links to the area. We fell in love with the idea of a Brinkburn Priory wedding the minute we found the venue during our initial research online.

We came away from our first visit knowing that it was ‘the one’, and looking back now, we have absolutely no doubt that we had the most incredible venue.


How did you find using Andy Hudson Photography?

Andy was incredibly friendly from the very first contact we had with him. He has a clear passion for his work and very bubbly personality!

There are lots of things that we love about Andy’s photography skills like:

  • How he captures the emotion of the day, particularly among guests… it’s great to look back and see everyone having a great time.
  • The fact that the colours of the photos are realistic – Andy managed to make everything vivid and exciting without the photos becoming unrealistic.
  • How at ease he makes you feel when taking photos, all our guests said how friendly Andy was, striking the perfect mix between unobtrusive and being a real part of the day. He made everyone feel comfortable and you can see that in the photos.


If you were doing it all again what would be the one bit of advice you’d give yourself at the start of the planning process?

That if you start planning early and keep things ticking over, which we did, then you can really enjoy every moment of the planning. It’s (hopefully!) a once in a lifetime period.

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