Jennie & James’ Doxford Barns Wedding

Doxford Barns Wedding | Jennie & James

Actual wedding photography goals achieved right here at this Doxford Barns wedding… an AMAZING couple who just laughed and smiled the whole way through their day.  I shoot a lot of awesome weddings with awesome couples, but Jennie and James are right up there with the very best ever.  Amazing fun to be around and their wedding was just one huge celebration… it doesn’t get better then this!

What was your favourite part of the wedding?

It is practically impossible to choose a favourite part of our Doxford Barns wedding. However, one of the most magical moments for us was a taking a moment as husband and wife on the top table to stand back and look around. This was just pure magic to see all of our family and friends come together from all around the UK to join us and celebrate.

This moment was only a minute or so but it was such a special minute to share the joy and delight of the day together in a moment of quiet amongst the beautiful madness!

Please let me know about any personal or DIY touches you added to make the day a little more ‘you’.
  • Table names – Paired Geordie and Scottish slang words with the same meaning.
  • Ceilidh band
  • Personalised music for every step of the day
  • Table favours – personalised 50p mix ups with sweets from our childhood and as a tribute to Jennie’s grandpa who passed away and used to give Jennie 50p to get a mixup from Jesmond Village Store.
Why did you choose your venue?

It was a beautiful venue that was set into the countryside. With James being from Scotland it captured the beauty of the open country lands north of Newcastle.

How did you find using Andy Hudson Photography?

We absolutely adored using Andy Hudson Photography. We loved the fact he was such a natural photographer and captured the real life moments of the day. The best photos for us were the unplanned moments that really highlighted the joy and fun we had during our wedding day.

We loved the fact Andy was kind and chatty as that made us feel at ease and comfortable getting photos taken. We also loved the fact that he never missed a trick and everything meaningful and important was captured naturally.

If you were doing it all again what would be the one bit of advice you’d give yourself at the start of the planning process?

Enjoy all the planning because when you sit back and look at the day and it has all come together it is a feeling like no other.

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