Areenay & Ian – Hexham Winter Gardens wedding photography

Hexham Winter Gardens wedding photography – Areenay & Ian

Could this be my favourite wedding ever?  It’s certainly up there with THE very best that’s for sure.  Fun, cultural, personal and full of awesome people… what an honour it was to shoot Areenay & Ian’s Hexham Winter Gardens wedding photography!!!

What was your favourite part of the wedding?

We pretty much loved the whole day but the best bit for both of us was the ceremony. Not only because we exchanged the vows we wrote in front of our family and friends, but also listening to the readings and the steel drum music we chose.

Please let me know about any personal or DIY touches you added to make the day a little more ‘you’.
  • Where to begin! We walked down the aisle to a soft melodic steel drum version of Local Hero.
  • Clearly unplanned but Orli, my niece, walked down the aisle with a plastic yellow kettle that I think might be a first?
  • Our friend Alison wrote a beautiful poem about us which we adored. Our friend Jess read ‘Something Changed’ by Jarvis Cocker who Ian randomly bumped into on his stag do and got his blessing from.
  • We wrote a little history of us and the building designed by Jess’ husband Trent (mostly to hide the boards at the back!), with photos of all of our friends and family on the other side.
  • My Dad did a little speech in Armenian and bought enough Armenian brandy to fuel a rocket (I won’t mention the disastrous attempt at an Armenian circle dance!).
  • My Mum made the cake and all the 120 jam wedding favours. Our friend Nick made all the leaf name tags.
  • Our friend Ca made bags to hold the rings and confetti.
  • And so many people helped the set up and tidy up, it quite literally wouldn’t have been possible without them.
How did you find using me for your Hexham Winter Gardens wedding photography?

Well, you were probably one of the most popular people at the wedding! The number of people who told us how lovely our photographer was on the day and afterwards were too many to count. We loved that you felt like another guest at the wedding. You had a lovely approach with all our guests and us, but equally important, you nailed the photos.

Neither of us like posing or unnatural photos and from your previous work we knew you’d understand that. You nailed what we wanted, capturing the joy of the day, but also those little moments of reality (one of my favourite photos is of Ian’s uncle in the background, looking a little exhausted, with Orli in the foreground with her kettle!).

If you were doing it all again what would be the one bit of advice you’d give yourself at the start of the planning process?

Well, if you get the right photographer, then they are worth every penny.

But otherwise:

  • Emotional advice: It’s ok to have a little meltdown/cry due to the stress of planning a wedding (particularly if you hate planning).
  • Practical advice: Your timetable to for the day will probably go out the window, try not to let that bother you, but plan a really good chunk of time for speeches!

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