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North East wedding photography

This is part 1 of Sarra & Arun’s amazing North East wedding photography coverage, with their 2nd part a Hindu blessing at the Holiday Inn in Seaton Burn to come soon in a separate storyboard.  Before we think about that though it’s time to focus on the Saturday, an amazing day which involved bridal prep at Short Flat Tower, the quickest ceremony ever (I’ll come to that later) at a beautiful church in Bolam, and finally a Marque reception in the Northumberland countryside.  Simply put this was a stunning wedding set in stunning surroundings from start to finish.

I arrived at Short Flat Tower in the morning and set about capturing Sarra and the bridesmaids getting ready, it’s a lovely venue and as they had the entire place to themselves it made for some great angles and opportunities to capture North East wedding photography in an artistic manner. Everyone was in a really chilled out mood and I got to meet the bridesmaids who were fantastic fun!  They really helped create a calm and fun atmosphere not just on the day but during the preperations and Sarra was in equally good spirits.  I also met and got to work with a brilliant videographer called Jon Lunt and hope to work with him again in the future (  The makeup artist was running quite late and this meant Sarra was a bit behind schedule leaving for the church, however the vicar despite having another wedding to get to an hours drive away rushed through the ceremony in double quick time so Sarra and Arun could still get married… despite the slightly quick nature of proceedings it was still a beautiful ceremony and very romantic.

From the church we moved to a Marque in the countryside and unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse with really strong winds and later in the evening some heavy rain.  Luckily the downpour held off for a while though and Sarra and Arun were happy to brave the wind and come outside to a little orchard for some bride and groom portraits.  This was the first time I’d really seen them alone and they are such a fantastic couple, you can tell they are so in love and a perfect match!  They were also brilliant in front of the camera and we got some lovely shots.

The day was very much a celebration and such fun to be part of, the speeches were very funny and the party afterwards was brilliant, the live band (I need to find out who they are) were excellent playing Mumford and Sons and other similar bands and loads of people danced their hearts out to the fantastic music.  The entire wedding was brilliant but the real heart of it came from this perfect couple, the love they share and the love their guests have for them.  That’s what made this so special, and as I left late in the night it was just half time with the Hindu blessing still to come the following day. You can view part 2 by clicking the following link – Sarra & Arun’s Hindu Blessing

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