Lucy & Iain’s Wedding – A Woodhill Hall wedding

Lucy & Iain’s Woodhill Hall wedding

Lucy and Iain’s Woodhill Hall wedding was absolutely amazing, I mean SERIOUSLY amazing!!!  They are two of the nicest and funniest people you could ever hope to meet, their day completely reflected their personalities, romantic, relaxed, fun and beautiful.  They chose the private and picturesque setting of Woodhill Hall and it just fitted perfectly with their day, it’s easy to see why this is my favourite venue to shoot at, and very easy to see why these guys are one of my favourite couples ever!

This was a day that had a real family vibe to it too, it was incredibly intimate and you can see how much Lucy & Iain are loved by everyone in their lives, the atmosphere from start to finish was brilliant, people making use of the great quirky spaces the venue offers and the lovely grounds with great views over the hills of Northumberland (between rain showers anyway!).  Lucy and Iain were total troupers too and despite the ground being wet and muddy they were happy to go anywhere for photos, even in to the wet fields… if you look at how beautiful Lucy’s dress is too you could understand if she’d been protective over it, but nope, she just embraced the dampness all in the name of art, amazing!!!

I could ramble on about how awesome a couple they are, how welcoming their family and friends are, how pretty and romantic the day was, but I think the photos will show all that better than I ever could explain myself, so without further ado here’s Lucy & Iain, the most awesome couple you could ever hope to meet!

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Supplier love:

Dress – White Tulip // Band – Fee Fee and the Sentiments 

Cake – Jo Quilliam (a friend, not even a cake maker… and how awesome is that cake?!!)

Flowers – Stobo Florists Wylam

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