‘Fearless award’ winner – amazing!!!

Last year I was really proud to be accepted by ‘Fearless Photographers’ (http://www.fearlessphotographers.com/) as a member, the idea is that the absolute best wedding photographers around the world, those who push the boundaries of wedding photography way beyond the standard cheesiness, are accepted as members.  It’s where the most amazing and creative wedding photographers aspire to be, and to be accepted as a member was mind blowing.  Here’s a snippet from their website – “If you’re planning a wedding and you care deeply about photography, you’ve found the right place. We want to help you find the photographer who will tell the story of your wedding day with distinctive imagery. We share your passion, enthusiasm, and obsession for photography. Our photographers are inspired to push the envelope of what is possible every single day. They are creative, talented, and among the best in the world”.

Every now and then they run a competition where all their awesome photographers submit a few of their photos for consideration, the best are awarded a ‘fearless award’… It’s been a huge ambition, really more of a dream than anything to one day win one… well I have only gone and done it!!!  There’s only a handful in the UK to ever win one and I’m just so happy to be one of them!  So here’s my first ‘fearless’ awarded photo, let’s hope it’s the first of many!


Gemma & Sean's wedding (low res) (176 of 433)

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