Northumberland Family Photography | The Ridley Family

Northumberland Family Photography | The Ridley Family

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Being asked to shoot some Northumberland Family Photography for the Ridley family was a very exciting moment for me, because the last time I saw Emma and Grant their family was just the two of them.  However since shooting their awesome wedding at The Vermont Hotel back in April 2019 a lot has changed for this awesome pair, with baby Darcey increasing their number to three.

The key to making this Northumberland Family Photography shoot super personal was making sure Darcey (only 3 months old) wasn’t just being held by mummy and daddy for every photo, and aim capture some of that unique personality she’s already developing instead.  So when Emma and Grant told me she LOVES splashing about in the bath it was THE perfect opportunity to record this fantastic part of her life, where she’s becoming more aware, and has genuine likes and dislikes.

“Thank you for capturing such special photographs, they’re beautiful. and we love them!”

My aim is to always capture moments that posed photos could never recreate, those smiles, real happy moments, and recording awesome personalities… because even the smallest of humans are unique and wonderful, and it’s so important to remember each and every stage of their development.  I hope I get to photograph Darcey again soon, because she’s a really awesome little person and I’m excited to see the next stage of her development!

A HUGE thanks to Emma, Grant and Darcey for inviting me in to their home for this shoot. I’m so glad we managed to squeeze this in between lockdowns and were able to record this important stage in her development.

If you love the images from this Northumberland Family Photography shoot, and would like real memories of your own unique family, click HERE to download my brochure.

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