South Shields Family Photography | The Cajiao Family

South Shields Family Photography | The Cajiao Family

Real Families | Real Moments

Jez & Chrissy are AWESOME people, and this South Shields Family Photography shoot wasn’t the first time I’d had the privilege of photographing them – I also shot their wedding back in 2015.  A LOT has changed for them since then, with Max joining their family (now 2), and just 2 weeks prior to this shoot baby Xander became another new addition to this awesome clan.

Another big change to their lives saw Jez became a full time author, creating the excellent UnderVerse Series, go check it out HERE if you love LitRPG adventures!

My goal when photographing a family is very much to let them just be themselves, do what they’d normally do, and I capture their personalities in a real and natural way.  Every family is unique and so I don’t ask them to do anything specific… if they want to hide in cupboards, play with a bubble machine, or just enjoy newborn baby cuddles then that’s what we do… it’s such an amazing experience to be able to capture this moment in time, and know that a family can look back the images and really remember things in a way that posed photos would never be able to give them.

“They are fantastic! We’re so in love with the pics…we’ll be singing your praises to anyone that will listen!!!”

It was THE best feeling to see Chrissy and Jez again, and meet their children… to see that next step in a couple’s lives together is incredible, and to photograph it and preserve those new memories even better.  A huge thank you to Jez, Chrissy, Max and Xander for welcoming me in to their home and being such great fun!

If you love the images from this South Shields Family Photography shoot, and would love real memories of your own unique family, click HERE to download my brochure.


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