Charlotte & Alex’s wedding at St Mary’s Lighthouse

Charlotte & Alex’s wedding at St Mary’s Lighthouse.

Charlotte and Alex only informed me they were having their wedding at St Mary’s Lighthouse a couple of months before the big day, you see they were originally going to tie the knot at a registry office nearby, the lighthouse sadly unavailable due to a planned refurb.  However the stars aligned and the refurb was postponed, leaving a window of opportunity for these guys to get married there… so they got married at a LIGHTHOUSE!!! How incredible is that?!

Another thing I found out just before the wedding was that Charlotte planned on wearing a black dress, shunning tradition and doing her own thing, and you know what?  It worked SO well, she looked amazing, especially the way the black wedding dress contrasted with the white of St Mary’s Lighthouse!!!  Most of all though it just summed up their approach to their wedding day, it was going to be THEM, they’d do it their way and boy oh boy was it a brilliant day!  It was personal, fun, and just a little bit crazy (but in a VERY good way).  I’ve never had a couple ask if they could go in the sea before on their wedding day, these guys though are so cool they couldn’t wait to get up to their knees in the freezing cold North East waters!

Charlotte and her two awesome new step children Autumn and Rowen finished things off with a choreographed dance they’d prepared for Alex to ‘Shake it Off’ by Taylor Swift, just another example of how they were up for anything and going to have fun doing things how they wanted.  What a day, what a wedding!!!  Charlotte, Alex, your family and friends all made this one seriously personal and beautiful day, THANK YOU for letting me be a part of it!

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Supplier Love:
Dress – The Little Seamstress / Ceremony – St Mary’s Lighthouse 
Reception – Barca Art Bar / Catering – Dog Leap Cafe

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